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Radical Truth

May 1, 2021

Fascism did not begin in 20th-century Europe. In fact, fascist roots are found in 7th-century Islam. How has Islam influenced fascist, socialist, and communist movements? Let’s talk about Islamic history, ‘heretics’ and reformers, jihad, and Hitler.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Book: “Islamic Fascism”
Book: “An American Women Living in Egypt: Life During an Islamic Takeover”
Book Set: “Summa Contra Gentiles"
Vol. 1 - "God"
Vol. 2 - "Creation"
Vol. 3 - "Providence - Part 1"
Vol. 4 - "Providence - Part 2"
Vol. 5 - "Salvation"
Video: “The Muslim Brotherhood: Origin, Identity, and Agenda”
Video: “Lights Out: When Islam Rules America”